NIKOLA electric trucks – in Europe from 2022. years

American start-up Nikola, prepared a series of trucks powered by hydrogen, announced that the US and European markets to supply and electric versions of its Two and third trucks, and the last is intended for Europe.

A new battery electric vehicles with all-wheel drive will be available with a very strong versions of 500kWh, 750kWh, even 1MWh battery packs to be used on shorter routes, statements from the company. Very powerful battery, much more powerful than email Actros Daimler, who has 240 kWh. Nikola clearly shows that the trucks on hydrogen intended for longer routes and that are lighter, do 2,7 tons as opposed to battery electric vehicles that will show better on shorter routes. Another major difference is that the electric fuel cell vehicles need much more time to charge than for hydrogen vehicles. It is expected that these differences over time become less. Trucks BEV Nikola had to reach around 300 miles with a tendency to increase over time.

Nikola is not afraid to delivery BEV-truck ate orders for their hydrogen trucks. Trucks Nikola Tre intended for Europe should arrive around 2022. years, predicts Nicholas. It was announced that if the truck to have an autonomous technology levels 5. They just need to wait 2022. year to see…

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