First electric Daimler truck delivered

Daimler Trucks was won by a competitor Tesla as the first manufacturer to customer supplied electric truck.

Were delivered two electric truck class 8 Freightliner eCascadia. Trucks will be part of a small fleet, and will become part of the innovation fleet that will test drive motors and durability in practice.

Daimler has always claimed that Tesla will be the first manufacturer to customers to deliver electric trucks but in the end they still anticipate.
More like a truck followed later this year. There are two types of electric trucks developed by Freightliner: eCascadia i eM2. Više na

At the end to fleet innovation Freightliner should consist of about 30 electric trucks. The project was financed with 16 million of the Shire for air quality management in the US

In the meantime, on the Internet appeared the image on the truck Tesla Semi pulling loaded trailers.