Signs ban us keep in traffic and transport

In the road transport of goods marks are everyday. Agents and dispatcher do not see them but the drivers are very important. The signs directing us but also prohibit. Inhibit the essential and do not ignore.

Every truck driver met with these characters that we will use this opportunity to remind. Signs should respect and obey them because the only way you can safely and quickly bring the goods to the destination.

Below is 5 the most common signs ban on that note during transport:

The "ban traffic Passenger car" (B07) indicates the path, that part of the road on which traffic is forbidden freight cars. If the sign under the symbol truck entered the maximum permissible weight of trucks, the ban applies only to those passenger cars whose maximum mass exceeds a designated.
In Croatia obvaj sign you will see on passes, serpentine or around national parks and in the center of each city.
The "ban traffic in the tank" (B08) means a part of the road or roads, in which the transport vehicles carrying substances which may pollute the environment. Since that is exempt motor fuel in the tank if the tank meets the requirements of ECE. The symbol of the sign is orange, axle wheels, or axle of the vehicle's black, and the two wavy lines are blue.
This sign is usually set with levees, rivers, national parks and all protected areas.
The "ban on traffic for all motor vehicles with a caravan trailer" (B11) indicates a road or section of road on which traffic is banned for all motor vehicles with a caravan trailer.
All types of vans can still just that without trailers.
The "prohibition of transport for freight car that pulls the trailer" (B12) indicates a road or section of road on which traffic is banned Truck pulling a trailer.
From previous character difference is that cars with trailer can continue.
The "prohibition of traffic for vehicles whose total height exceeds a certain height" (B23) means a part of the road or roads where traffic is forbidden by vehicles whose total height exceeds the height indicated on the sign. The numbers on the sign are given as example, and the actual values ​​are entered according to the circumstances and needs on the road traffic safety.
This sign is usually located at the entrances to the tunnels or under bridges and its ignorance can lead to serious accidents and traffic jams.
In addition to these signs, there are still many signs Žabren in transportation that should not be forgotten and that we should respect.
Have a nice trip!